Ancol Small Bite Plush Lamb Toy Blue

Ancol Small Bite Plush Lamb Toy Blue

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Ancol Small Bite Plush Blue Lamb

Soft and cuddly plush lambs that holds scent, great as a comforter.

Perfect play time friend for your dog or puppy! Let this Ancol Plush Lamb Dog Toy warm your animal’s heart and look after them where you’re not at home.

The Ancol Plush Lamb is a great soft toy, suitable for your dog to cuddle up to.

They are designed to hold scent, so it helps the bonding between yourself and your dog.

Great as a comforter or for small dogs to carry around.

Designed especially for smaller dogs and puppies, the Ancol Plush Lamb has been created using luxuriously soft materials that are gentle on their skin and mouths.

The toy is of a much smaller size than most toys, which coupled with the soft materials, makes it an ideal comforter for your dog to snuggle up to after they’ve finished roughing it up.

Not suitable for dogs that like to chew.

Size – 15cm approx

Colour – Blue